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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Heya Qt!
Ya know. . . I feel pretty special
that you are reading my blog! ha ha ya
so Christmas is in like 1 hour! CraZy!
Lol! Im done with all my Christmas
Shopping luckily! ha ha Okay so we
opened one present Christmas Eve
&& I opened one from ma Madre &&
Padre! It was sun glasses!! O MAN!!
They are REALLY cute!! Ah! I love
them! ha ha i kinda picked them out
though but their cute! :D Ha ha i
love you guys!! :D Christmas is
gonna be SO fun!!! Im so excited! Well
this is kinda tiny but i gotta go
to be b4 santa comes!! :D GnIgHt!!!
L♥ts ♥f L♥ve!!




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