Hey! Welcome to my blog! It isn't written on very much!
But i hope you enjoy it anyways! (:

Sunday, November 1, 2009


wow!! its been SO long since i've written on here!! haha okay so...
i really like ivan.. he doesnt like me like that, i like bryce but
he likes one of my best friends, one of my other best friends like
nathaniel.. boys are just being pretty gay right now haha
Amber and Kadee are my MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!! ;) haha
i'm getting my permit soon!! yay!! haha work is same as always!!
BORING!! i prettty much am in love with ivan!! he is SO SO SO cute!!
haha ugh! i wish i was as pretty as all those girls that ivan
just loves to death!! he likes outgoing girls!! i try!! hmm... maybe
someday.. O i'm writing a book!! :) its gonna be great!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow i havent written in this for a LONG time! Ha ha so... i decided to write in it. Its gonna be short though so here it goes... Im tired.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hey guys. . . How
are you?! I dont really have much to say!. . . so today is my nephews birthday and we got some
of the cutest pictures ever! Did you know that when i grow up i REALLY wanna be a photographer? Well i do. . . ha ha. Ugh i work today! Start at 5. Kim, you should come && visit my work! :D That would be sweet! Ha ha so. . . . im so bored! Right now im listening to Cup of life by Ricky Martin lol Im so tired! Havent been able to sleep in for the longest time! Well, Gots ta go!

Love: Kimmi



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